About Laura

Hello there, I’m Laura

I live in Wigan, a little town in the North West of England. I am a Lifestyle blogger at Twenties Something Girl! I love writing and including all my lifes loves, from cosy home interiors, snapshots of my life, beauty, baking and my pets.

You will probably find me with my phone attached to my hand, scrolling through Instagram & Pinterest or capturing some new snaps (mainly of my dog). My days are spent exploring new places, dining out with friends & family, scrolling through vintage depops. I also love a cosy night in, you’ll find me in my pjs drinking a hot chocolate watching a good ol’ movie.

In my space you will find the beauty & fashion I’m in love with, adventures I’ve enjoyed, the bakes I’ve enjoyed creating and my thoughts and life’s loves.

I hope you find something of your liking, all that’s left now is to grab a good ol’ cuppa, get cosy and enjoy the read!


PR friendly | Contact: lsthorpe92@hotmail.com

Love always,