I probably speak for the vast majority of people when I say, January can be a little dull and hard. Although it’s the start of a fresh new year, it can also be a little bit of a dick. The Christmas lights and festive highs have gone, the weather is so cold and gloomy and although you set yourself new goals and aim for THE best year yet! It can all just be a little bit too much, too soon.

I’m not ashamed to say it, I find ‘life’ a little hard, it could be the tiniest detail but I’ll worry so much I make myself ill, or I put so much pressure on myself that I’ll just shut down and go into a self pity, miserable pit. I think one of my problems is that I have no middle point, no balance, I’m so passionate about things in life like my career, my home life that I want to put 100% into each every single day. The problem with that is that I’m so passionate with them that when little details go wrong, or I feel like I’m not heading anywhere I just shut down completely. Although my life is pretty good, I have a lot of good in my life I have this constant weight on my shoulders that I guess is just my worry my anxiety with life. I do feel that the start of 2018 has been so high in points, like my up and coming business, but it’s also been a little hard, quite stressful which I believe is why I have my anxious moments that in the last few weeks have escalated.

One aspect of my life that I’m always so grateful for and so lucky to have, is my ever so loving and supportive partner, Samuel. He knows how much life hits me, he knows how much pressure I put myself under for the simplest of things, even exciting happy things I still worry about and put extreme pressure on myself. I’m lucky to have someone that thinks, you know what she deserves to be surprised with a long weekend away, just to have some detox time, some time away from life because he knows how hard I take it sometimes.


At the end of January/ beginning of February I was surprised with a weekend away in the Lake District. Many people have probably heard of the place, I always think of the Lake District as a place to escape, to get some fresh air in my lungs, a place to free my mind and just take a good long breath.

We stayed at a place called Thanet Well Lodge Retreat in Penrith, Lake District. The first thing that hit me was the breathtaking views from our cabin. It was instantly beautiful, and right outside our cabin! It had no WiFi, which was great, to me being able to shut off completely and really give my mind a break is to literally be taken to a new location. I loved waking up early, having a dip in the hot tub just watching the views of the mountains with a nice cuppa in hand. My mind was silent, just content looking at such natural beauty, I was in my favourite place.

Some of my favourite things to do is get out the house, put on a pair of walking boots and hike up some mountains or explore in some wooded no go areas. This is exactly what we did, we ventured not far away from our cabin to a place called; Derwent Lake. It was stunning! The lake was gorgeous, the mountain views were second to none, and we had such a good laugh. Just going for a walk in such a beautiful place is enough to clear your mind and release any built up stress and worry.

We spent the weekend with some friends, I always find that when your surrounded by people who mean a lot to you, people who get you and don’t put any pressure on you, I can 100% relax. We spent our time taking in the views, hiking up some mountains, playing in the lakes. We also had some fun bowling, playing board games, having a good ol’ chat in the hot tub.

I don’t consider myself having ‘many’ friends, I tend to surround myself with a fair few that really bring out the best in me. I’ve found that in Cosette, she’s been a part of my life for around 4 years, she’s always so positive, is there for me through thick and thin and always pushes me towards my dreams, just a great BFF. In my struggle with life, it’s nice to have a friend that struggles the same as you, understands what your going through, and just listens to you. I’m so grateful to have her in my life and spending time with her physically or virtually, it always keeps me grounded, helps clear my mind and calms me.

The more I have going on the more I seem to worry and put more pressure on myself. The trip to the Lake District was a real detox, helped me get away from little things that I find quite hard sometimes, like social media, my blog, comparing myself to others, the business I’m developing this year, I guess just the little nit picky bits of being a twenty something woman.

To me being able to 100% relax is to physically be in a new place, to turn my WiFi off and spend some time just being me and surround myself with my true friends. I’m not ashamed to say I struggle with anxiety, I struggle with life probably more than average and I struggle with the struggle. Being able to find those releases, and to surround yourself with the people that want to help you find those releases, really help me in these little struggles. The weekend away in the Lake District was a perfect release, it was magical, beautiful a real escape from the nitty gritty struggles probably everyone struggles with at some point.

Although I had a hard first night when I arrived home, I think it’s given me a little boost, I’m going to really work on my mental health, try and remember those releases when I’m struggling. I’ve got so much to look forward to this year and i really want to take it all in. So I thank the Lake District for being so bloody beautiful and inspiring and for being my little escape when life just gets a little bit too hard.


I’d love to know if life gets a little bit too much for you, and what are your releases? How do you cope when life gets a little bit too hard.


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  1. March 2, 2018 / 3:06 am

    What gorgeous photos! Taking a few days away from the hustle and bustle of life can be the perfect way to revive yourself. One of the places that really helps me to breathe and get my mind into gear is a little seaside town in Yorkshire. I have close family there so have been going since I was a little girl. Just going down to the beach by myself, switching my phone off and watching the tide is something that is one of my main releases.

    Chloe x


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