Can you believe it’s December already? You’ve probably heard that a million times already, but can we just take a minute to reflect on the year gone by, as soon a fresh new start will be in our laps.

Personally I’ve had a great year, I’ve accomplished so much and I actually feel happy & content. For the past two years I’ve been quite ill with surgery and suffering with chronic bronchitis last Christmas, so this year for my health I’ve slown it right down and I’m actually feeling quite healthy (apart from the annoying asthma).

At this time of year I like to slow things down, really take in the countdown to Christmas. So many people wish time away and want Christmas Day here already. The countdown to December 25th is one of my favourite things about Christmas, getting all excited, the mound of lists you create for presents, baking & crafting.

I guess as it’s now December, you can feel the festive spirits in the air, the advent calendars have been opened, the decorations are up for most people and Jack Frost has paid his first visit.

For me December is all about the little things, the small traditions you do once every year. It truly is a time to slow down and take in the past year, preparing yourself for the big Christmas week. Everything seems to all of a sudden speed up, and how do we exactly slow down? Well I’m not entirely sure.

I can say for me it’s all about the traditions, and taking the whole month in, one day at a time. We as a family like to go on a few day trips out, whether that be breakfast & shopping with my Mum and Sister. Or walks along Rivington with the entire family and my best doggie; Rex.

Friends are also important to me, especially around Christmas. My partner & I have an annual games night at our close friends house, lots of food & cocktails, having such a good laugh. We also enjoy our local cities Christmas Markets, lots of yummy food to try, cheeky drink & cuddles whilst listening to the Christmas carollers.

Its also about taking time out for yourself, having that time off work to catch up on present wrapping, baking & crafting. Looking after yourself, My one resolution next year will be to take better care of myself mentally and physically. It could even be having that time to see friends and family or simply to relax, have a bath, get cosy and binge on your favourite Christmas movies.

Ive definitely decided that my way of slowing down, is to do the things that make you truly happy, for me that’s taking time off work, seeing friends & family and taking time out for myself to do the things that I love most.

Winter, I love you! and I’ve learnt to make everyday count, but please don’t rush by, let’s just take it easy and slow the heck down.

Id love to know, how do you slow down at Christmas time? What makes the countdown to December 25th the best time for you.


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