It’s that time of the month, were I look back on the favourite products I’ve been enjoying or obsessing about this November.

I’ve been loving a lot this month but I have slimmed down my absolute favs!! From beauty products, hair care, books and even home cleaning ! Yes I went there home cleaning.

Girl online trilogy by Zoe Sugg (under £10): 

After binging on Stephen King novels I wanted to carry on reading something new and exciting but nothing as heavy as Stephen King. Zoe Sugg aka Zoella is a youtuber & Lifestyle blogger and I’ve been watching her videos for years, close to when she first started out. These books have been out for years but after reading so many reviews on them I thought maybe these would be a nice read/ a break from the dizziness of Stephen King. All I have to say is I actually love them! I’ve currently not read all but from what I have read I can’t seem to put them down! I would definitely say it’s a chick flick type of book, teenage romance – I thought maybe I’d be a little old for them but to my surprise they have so far been a great bedtime read. Safe to say in parts I can relate to the story & it has definitely made me smile whilst reading (making me look slightly weird to people around me). I would 100% recommend!!

Candles (Yankee & Home sense):

People closest to me know how much I bloody love my candles! You can’t seem to walk through my house without seeing a candle in every room. I think they just make everything that much cosier and I love feeling cosy. I am always buying candles and I guess in a way I love them all, but these two have been my all time favourites this month! Everyone loves Yankee & they always have the best scents I came across this one on my trip to Ena Mill, they were on offer and I instantly fell for the scent. If Christmas has a taste it would be this candle! I would definitely recommend to anyone that loves the smell of yummy treats & Christmas!! The ginger and vanilla scented candle was bought from ‘Home sense’ my all time favourite Homewear store! At first I wasn’t sure about the ginger but as I smelt it I instantly fell in love, vanilla has always been a favourite scent it just smells so cosy and creamy. If your a lover of candles I would definitely recommend a visit to your local Homesense store as they have a huge area simply dedicated to candles.

Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser: 

I mentioned this in my previous blog ‘my current skin care routine’ and it’s definitely become my all time favourite cleanser and skincare go to! It smells amazing and leaves your face feeling clean and fresh. This is a limited edition bottle with sweet orange & mint which leaves a fresh tingly feeling to your face but nothing too overwhelming. I will definitely be experimenting with more Liz Earle products and I for sure 100% recommend.

Clinique moisture surge: 

This was also mentioned in my previous blog ‘my current skincare routine’ and has literally been a lifesaver for my skin. I suffer a lot with dry skin, especially around my T zone areas and have failed in finding a great moisturiser that helps my skin and doesn’t just mask it for a day. I bought the daily moisturiser, eye cream & overnight mask in a tester sized gift kit as I wanted to try them before paying the prices for the standard sized bottles. I can 100% say that it has transformed my skin! It has completely cleared my dry patches and I can even go a few days without reapplying and still look moisturised (as I often forget to apply daily). It feels so lovely and actually sinks into your skin instead of feeling like an extra layer. I 100% recommend especially those who suffer with dry skin like me.

Aussie deep treatment 3 minute miracle: 

For someone that is constantly colouring and styling her hair I always need to ensure i look after it, this treatment by Aussie is something I’ve used for years and has never let me down when my hair feels like it needs a little TLC. It’s super accessible and the price is payable & the best is when you find that they have their special offers on! The name speaks for itself really, it truly is hairs miracle.

Elixir INNOluxe hair treatment: 

i first heard of INNOluxe when I went to my local salon, I was stripping my hair of black box dyes and going for a more natural blonde balayage. The fabulous ladies at ‘Hair & Beyond’ told me about this product that helps protect your hair during the colouring process and how you can take a bottle home for just £20. For the size of the bottle and the amount you need it is 100% worth the extra £20 on your bill. Basically INNOluxe uses advanced protein technology to repair hair during the colouring process. It creates incredibly strong sulphur bonds that deliver highly effective restoration to hair. I have completely fallen in love with this product, it keeps my hair feeling soft and shiny and helps it become stronger (which is exactly what you want your hair to be). The lovely ladies at ‘Hair & Beyond’ (located on Darlington Street, Wigan) always make my hair look and feel amazing and I thank them so much for introducing me to this hair life saver!

Clarins hand and nail treatment cream: 

I’m not normally one for applying hand creams, I’m always forgetting. This though for years has been my go to hand cream and all time favourite! It instantly makes your hands feel super soft and helps build stronger nails which for me is a great bonus as their always snapping! Clarins is a favourite skincare brand and I’m looking into their lip oils as this is another area of my face I suffer with. Overall I would 100% recommend if your hands and nails need a little extra TLC.

LUSH Yuza & Cocoa shower cream: 

I got this as part of a gift box last Christmas, I love my bath and shower creams so I have a lot to go through, I finally got to use this. I can honestly say it smells absolutely amazing! It smells like chocolate orange and makes me want to eat it. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and smelling amazing I actually get a whiff and smile! I love LUSH and this is a shower cream I will 100% be purchasing in a much larger bottle.

Johnsons bedtime baby bath bubble bath: 

When I’m lacking in my LUSH basket (yes I have a basket dedicated to LUSH bath and shower stuff) my next go to for a luxurious bath is Johnson’s bedtime baby bath bubble bath. I love using baby products for my skin as what could be better and safer right! It smells gorgeous and just helps you feeling calmer and ready to snuggle up in bed, it also creates some great bubbles!

Tanya Burr ‘Tanya’s Christmas’: 

If you love Christmas then this is the book for you! Moving into my first home this year it’s my first Christmas to decorate anyway I wish and bake to my hearts content. I’m constantly buying magazines so when I heard about this upcoming book I got very excited! Tanya Burr is another youtuber and Lifestyle blogger that I follow and love watching her baking videos the most! This book has everything for around the holidays to help you make, bake & celebrate from recipes, crafting and beauty tips. 100% recommend this book to everyone and would make a super cute Christmas present! Currently on offer to grab it whilst you can.

Method anti bac spray & Dettol multi-purpose wipes :

As a new homeowner I have instantly become obsessed with making sure the house is super clean and tidy on a daily basis. I’m getting to the age were things like cleaning products excite me, especially when they smell as good as these! Method antibac spray smells like wild rhubarb and I honestly can’t stop spraying it and paired with the Dettol wipes that smell like cranberries makes my house smell Devine! These have 100% been my go to cleaning products for this month.


I hope you’ve enjoyed some of my November favourites, Keep an eye out for Decembers! Drop me a message if you want any help finding the products mentioned. Peace!



  1. December 1, 2017 / 6:02 am

    This is an amazing list of favorites! I’m so happy to know I’m not the only one who bathes in Johnsons’s baby products <3

  2. January 8, 2018 / 6:39 pm

    I’m creating a list of books I want to read this year and I think I’m now going to have to add the Girl Online series to it. I was tempted by it because but was also put off because I thought I would be too old for it, ohh excited to read it now!

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