If im being honest ive never really been big on testing out a lot of skincare products. Ive never really suffered with bad skin, a few break outs here and there but ive been really lucky in the sense ive never really felt the need to cover my face or been anxious about leaving the house without a full face of makeup. I know im lucky to have okay skin as a lot of girls and women my age have very low confidence and anxiety about ever being seen without makeup on. In todays society perfection has become the enemy and the main problem I think we all need to face head on, instead of focusing on peoples imperfections, which in reality having bad skin, is not an imperfection.

Looking after your skin is an important part of a daily routine i think everyone should try and remember. I can confess I often forget to do anything with my skin especially after a long day when all I want to do is get my pjs on, get into bed and sit watching Netflix. Ive made it a sort f new resolution to make it a part of my bed time routine and I can actually say im doing really well at sticking to it.

I have found through my own experiences is as much as finding the right products for your skin is, it is also important to leave your skin alone. Its finding that balance. Ive found that if i do the while routine of cleanse, polish, tone and moisturise everyday i break out more and sometimes have the opposite effect, leaving my skin really sensitive. Ive learnt that your skin naturally produces essential oils that help your skin clean itself of all the badness and day to day dirt it produces. Therefore i have found that if i only do my whole skincare routine around 3-4 times a week out of the 7 as part of my bedtime routine my skin is a lot more thankful for it.

I have tried a lot of skincare products and have recently found some that my skin has seemed to enjoy. Everyones skin is different and these have helped my skin in where I find it struggles. Reading this you may have a completely different skin type and problem you want to help and therefore these products may not best suit you. I guess its about shopping around but i always say be careful to let your skin settle and just help itself with its own natural oils.

I suffer especially in the colder months with dry skin, mainly around my T zone. This has always been a problem of mine and something i get quite anxious with. Ive constantly been applying moisturiser after moisturiser but nothing has really ever helped it until now. These are the products that have really helped with my dry patches and have made me feel so much better in my skin. I don’t suffer with sensitive skin and can switch from dry to normal to oily but have always suffered with a dry T zone. These are the products that have literally turned my skin around; I have absolutely loved using them and will definitely be carrying on with!

Firstly we have Clinique ‘take the day off’ cleansing oil 200ml – This is what I start with, I massage one pump over my dry face and carefully wipe away with a warm damp flannel (I love oils on dry skin, they have always been something I’ve reached for) I use this to take my makeup off instead of using baby wipes as they tend to dry my face out or just as a first step in my skincare routine.


Secondly we have Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser limited edition sweet orange and mint 150ml – I cant stress how great this is, I have fallen head over heels for Liz Earle products. I first heard of Liz Earle from one of my all time favourite youtubers and bloggers; Zoella A.K.A Zoe Sugg. There products are amazing and I cant wait to test more out, I wanted a cleanser but wasn’t sure what to look for as theres so many options out there. I decided to research liz earle and found this limited edition cleanse and polish cleanser, I wasn’t disappointed. It smells amazing and feels even better, I massage one to two pumps over my face and rinse off with a warm damp flannel. It instantly makes my face feel fresh and clean and smells amazing, the mint leaves a slight tingle on your face and fresh feeling but nothing too overwhelming. Ive fallen head over heels for this cleanser and will continue to use it and experiment further with other Liz Earle products.

Thirdly we have Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief gel face cream 15ml – As i said earlier, ive tried so many moisturisers and none have really helped my dry skin, they have just masked it and later comes back worse. I can honestly say this moisturiser is the best ive ever used! I instantly saw improvement, my dry skin was gone within a week and since using it ive not had ANY dry skin on my problem areas which is simply amazing. I use a little bit around my face after cleaning and cleansing, its a gel cream consistency and drys almost instantly but makes your face super soft and fresh. To first test out I like to buy little pots or testers before committing to a standard sized pot, this way your not losing out on a lot of money if it doesn’t help your skin. In this set I got a pot of the daily moisturiser, a pot of the eye cream, a overnight face and a small sachet or foundation.

I also use Clinque ‘all about the eyes’ eye cream before applying the moisturiser and at night instead of using my main moisturiser I use the Clinique moisture surge overnight face mask. Both of these have been really nice on my skin, I don’t use the eye cream as much but am trying to remember to apply it as i do have quite bad blue bags under my eyes and it is seeming to help the puffiness. I love the overnight mask, I like to use this at the weekends as a type of treat to myself, just like the daily moisturiser its a gel like cream consistency and dries immediately leaving your skin feeling clean, smooth and fresh in the morning.

Products listed:

Clinique ‘take the day off’ cleansing oil 200ml (Amazon £28.58)

Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser limited edition sweet orange and mint 150ml (Liz Earle website £22.75)

Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief gel face cream 15ml (came as a tester set) (Amazon £21.99 for all 3)

Clinque ‘all about the eyes’ eye cream (came as a tester set) (Amazon £21.99 for all 3)

Clinique moisture surge overnight face mask (came as a tester set) (Amazon £21.99 for all 3)


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